DevCom (Developers Community) is a Capacity Development Platform created by ZNEXX.  This self-paced, online platform, provides users with access to continuous Industrial training, in addition, to live project participation.

The courses are delivered by Instructors who are experienced individuals or groups, that are able to transfer knowledge, drawn from real projects; either completed or live. The online platform will contain categories of disciplines, with structured courses that tackle topics designed to provide participants with practical and actionable skills.

For undergraduates, DevCom is able to draw from academic curricula to build relevant industrial trainings that provide an in-depth understanding of classroom courses.


Any subject can be built into a course and categories created to accommodate any field. All it requires are individuals or organizations, ready to document their knowledge and deliver online training.

If you are interested in learning a particular subject, go to the bottom of the DevCom website frontpage, and select from the provided list of subjects. If can’t see what you’re looking for, then send an email with your requirements to