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Course Overview

STAAD.Pro is an internationally recognized three dimensional computer aided structural engineering analysis and design package. The various modules contained in the package permits it to perform a series of engineering analysis ranging from linear elastic finite element analysis, non-linear analysis, P-Delta analysis, imperfection analysis, time-history analysis of structures exposed to blast loading, lifting analysis, dynamic analysis etc. of reinforced concrete structures, framed-type steel structures, pylon structures, suspension type structures etc.

The approach to training would include in-depth explanation of the theory of determinate and indeterminate structures, support types, static load categories, global and local co-ordinate systems etc. and how they apply in the design of real time structures. Tutelage in STAAD.Pro, would take you bit by bit through the structural basis of engineering analysis and design with systematic references to the relevant international codes of practice as they apply to the case study. Thorough explanation with derivations, where necessary, of shear and bending distribution diagrams described in result files would be brought to bear in the taught process as well as preparation of engineering design reports and key features in reporting.


Course Contents

  • Introduction to the concept of feasible engineering analysis
  • Brief description of Structural stiffness matrix method as a STAAD solution to the analysis of
    determinate and indeterminate structures
  • Principles of load estimation and analysis and design of one way and two way spanning slab panels in accordance with B.S 8110 Part 1 :1997
  • Design and detailing of beams & Column design
  • Structural analysis and design of axially and uniaxially loaded columns
  • Comprehensive presentation of structural details
  • Explanation of relevant insitu soil tests’ procedure to determine the index properties of soil’s strata
  • Load estimation, sizing and design of isolated footings and continuous/combined footings
  • Analysis and design of Raft foundations
  • Presentation of structural details & Analysis of cantilever retaining walls retaining cohesionless material based on rankine earth pressure theory
  • Introduction to STAAD.Pro
  • Introduction to load generation and definition
  • Setting valid Pre-analysis run time parameters
  • Selection of relevant codes of practice for engineering design of the modeled structure
  • Post analysis
  • STAAD Command Editor


Target Audience

  • Project Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • B Eng. & B Sc. Students
  • B Tech. Students


Instructors Profile

Your Instructor has several years of experience in Civil/Structural Engineering Analysis and Design of offshore and onshore engineering related projects in the oil and gas industry, conducted with structural engineering applications such as STAAD.Pro, SACS etc. and carried out core manual analysis and development of spread sheets where necessary. He has also being involved in researching distortion of reinforced concrete thin plates and inelastic buckling of slender structural steel elements.

He has worked as a Senior Civil/Structural Engineer in teams that have undertaken projects such as:

  • Chevron Nigeria Ltd., Fire Fighting Systems Project on Okan Satellites 1 & 2 Process Platforms.
  • Chevron Nigeria Ltd., Pig Traps Modification Projects on Okan Satellite 1, Okan Satellite 2, West Isan & Isan Production/Process Platforms.
  • Exxon-Mobil MIPs QPDUP (Qua Iboe Power Distribution Upgrade Project) Detailed Engineering at Qua Iboe terminal.
  • Exxon-Mobil MIPs ECIP (East Area 4th Compressor & Turbine Installation Project).
  • Exxon-Mobil PFUP-Phase 5 Detail Engineering.
  • CNL Vent Capture.
  • NPDC FEED for the Construction of 20KM Oziengbe/Oredo Pipeline Compressor Package.