The need for a standard Training, Research and Development Centre to harness Nigerian talents in solving local and global problems, using science and technological tools cannot be over-emphasized. We believe in the hands-on creative design experience; an iteration of visualizing design ideas, prototyping, testing and refining a concept until it becomes a marketable product.

The innovation centre focuses on engineering design, prototyping and fabrication of parts and equipment indigenously, while serving as a platform for Nigerians abroad to mentor and  transfer knowledge and skills to local talents.

The centre will serve as a networking hub for the following:

  • Training organisations and professionals: transferring knowledge and skill sets to trainees using modern tools and guiding them to explore solutions to challenges using local resources.
  • Students, techies, inventors and researchers: applying acquired knowledge to solving everyday problems, mentored by experts.
  • Industries, communities¬†& Institutions: supplying problems and challenges to the centre which are solved and commercially viable products developed.
  • Investors: providing support to build ideas into products.

Znexx has established partnerships with companies like Hommaston Limited; an indigenous training and man power development company for the Oil & Gas industry and Illhorn technologies Ltd., an engineering consultancy firm based in the Scotland. Our goal is to closely follow the trend of global technologies and apply them in the context of our locality to solve problems.

To learn more about the Innovation Centre, kindly send your inquiries to