Course Overview

Aspen HYSYS is a comprehensive process modelling tool used by the world’s leading oil and gas producers, refineries, and engineering companies for process simulation and process optimization in design and operations. In this course you will:

  • Learn to build, navigate and optimize process simulations using Aspen HYSYS
  • Learn the efficient use of different HYSYS functions to build steady state process simulations.

Course Benefits

  • Leverage the intuitive solving capabilities and other key features of Aspen HYSYS that allow for rapid flowsheet construction.
  • Use the Workbook and Flowsheet interfaces for quick and effective modelling.
  • Discover how multi-flowsheet integration can streamline and organize simulation efforts.
  • Explore different means of reporting results, including the use of Aspen Simulation Workbook for sharing of data with Microsoft Excel®.
  • Evaluate the performance of existing equipment by leveraging the rating capabilities of Aspen HYSYS.
  • Improve the convergence characteristics of columns and flowsheets; troubleshoot common problems.
  • Perform Case Studies to determine the optimum operating points for a process.

Target Audience

  • New engineering graduates/technologists who will be using Aspen HYSYS in their daily work.
  • Process engineers doing process design and optimization projects and studies.
  • Plant engineers checking plant.
  • Performance under different operating conditions.
  • R&D engineers and researchers using Aspen HYSYS for process synthesis.

Training Approach

  • Instruction on basic topics.
  • An experienced instructor will select an appropriate order in which to present the modules.
  • Discussion about the general approach and the key elements for successful simulations.
  • Instructor-guided demonstrations of features.
  • Hands-on workshops using examples from the petroleum processing industry.
  • Detailed course notes


  • A background in chemical engineering or Industrial chemistry.

Project Case Study

Simulation of a Biodiesel Process plant will be done in a step by step fashion so as to further entrench and integrate the knowledge and skills gathered in the course.