Our services include:


Install, configure and manage your own LMS with interactive eLearning courses, quiz, assessments, and reports on each users progress. We work closely with you to develop your LMS content using detailed animations and simulations.

Here are still shots from some of our past projects



Augmented and Virtual Reality, are fast becoming the preferred learning methods for practical field competency. We build solutions that cut across diverse sectors, from Oil & Gas to Power and Education.



Our seasoned professionals are ready to provide you with structural design and analysis services for steel and concrete structures using software such as STAAD.Pro and SACS. We can perform a series of engineering analysis ranging from linear elastic finite element analysis, non-linear analysis, P-Delta analysis, imperfection analysis, time-history analysis of structures exposed to blast loading, lifting analysis, dynamic analysis, etc, of reinforced concrete structures, framed-type steel structures, pylon structures, suspension type structures, etc.



.C.h.i.n.e.n.y.e.There is an increasing requirement for precision surveying in the Construction and Oil and Gas industry where high precision and high value technical results are required. The need to capture as-built drawings has become an important part for companies to improves decision-making and engineering designs.

Znexx uses 3D Laser Scanning equipment to capture fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex structures, Oil and gas facilities or objects. The surface data is captured by a camera sensor mounted in the laser scanner which records accurate dense 3D points in space.  This is then processed into 3D drawings and 2D drawing that can be converted to AutoCAD or Solidworks.

Other applicable services provided by Znexx include:

  1. As-built Surveys
  2. Site/Engineering Surveys
  3. Forensics
  4. Pipeline Surveys
  5. Profiles and Volumes
  6. Construction Inspection
  7. Bridge, Overpass and Electricity Tower Surveys
  8. Verification of structurally unsafe buildings or roads
  9. Fabrication and Reverse Engineering